A baby is a miraculous gift , no matter how one receives it.
Some are given the ability bear them,
others the ability to rear them.

With this blog I intend to log a diary on raising Paheli, and our life with her. Can't say how regularly I will find the time to pen, but I will try my best, and hopefully Paheli will give me a chance to do it :)

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Friday, 14 May 2010

Some old timers which i did not update!!

Paheli's First Steps :)

Paheli playing with daddy at 9 months

Paheli playing the mouth organ

Paheli' fav dance song

Paheli' First attempt at a Rhyme

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars" ... so much for originality!! It's the school' fault!! lol

Paheli figures she's on camera

It's been so long since I updated, so thought i'd put some videos, atleast thats something.
It's impossible to get Paheli to pose for cameras!! If you ask her to smile she just looks stoic and serious and says "smile". Its either me behind the camera goofing off and then scrambling to focus a shot. Today we tried something different.
This is one of those rare times where she figured what a video recording is. I sett the swivel screen facing her so she could see what she was doing...that was all the incentive she needed!!!
I wonder what this girly will get up to when she is older?..being a performer pretty much fits the bill lol !

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Update since the hearing till we reached dubai

Gosh this one is going to be a long one, so let me break this up.
Birth Certificate
After the hearing came getting a copy of the court order, adoption deed and then applying for a birth certificate. this would have wrapped up our Kolkata chapter. We were decided that we were not going to leave kolkata before having all this together. b extended his trip by a week and tek Singh helped a whole lot by extending his stay so B could do that, bless his soul. I cant thank khoka da and Papia boudi enough for their hospitality and support without which kolkata would have been a nightmare. Also not to mention the compassion we got from the kolkata municipality ( much maligned ) , Soumeta from ISSA and Mr. Pahari from Sahara, all of them and some honest promises from me got all the above in time. The story is long but lets just say there are a few good people still and they make up for all the terrible ones.
All papers in hand and a lil help from benadryl did the trick to land us back in Delhi on the 17th of December. b left the same night ona 3 AM flight. We applied for an interview for a tatkal passport and i went to sleep thinking it will be 4 days before i head for DXB!! god was i stupid!?
to be contd...

Saturday, 20 December 2008

My birthday gift

10th of December 2008, Paheli turned 9 months old, 5 when handed over to us :). One day before my 32nd birthday, i got the best gift i could think of.
A Child of our own, recognized by the govt of India and all and sundry.
Its been a messy tour, which was promised to be 3 months at the longest has already crossed that deadline by 30 days at good !
The scrutiny report sucked, for all the effort we made! and lots of people tried, and we are grateful for it.
the hearing was exactly 2 minutes, and we were congratulated on becoming formal parents for Paheli, just like that !!!!, no questions, no arbitration's, no nightmares nothing.
Heard Bhunia fell into a man hole, laughed for 1 minute in mourning lol.There is a god, as everyone keeps telling me, i wish he died. Like a cocroach , creeping back again, hope he is born as one again. No wait!that means he will survive for eons like the species!!
anyways, all is well that ends well.
My birthday gift?
I am legally mom :)
HOWSZATT ? for a gift
Thank you up there, whoever is listening :)

Friday, 5 December 2008

Fight for my child and fight for what is right ...

22nd November! That was the last I wrote & if I thought I was tired then, don’t know what I am now!?
It’s been mayhem since the meeting in Kolkata, every day trying to get clearances trying to find someone who is sympathetic to our cause. Things just keep getting from bad to worse.

It’s sad people like this manage the fate of children, to the beginning of their ends! It’s worse than disgusting.
I now know the scare it feels to even think about losing your child, even though it’s an empty threat.

But we have decided to take the straight path and in government terms in India, it means a long wait. At the cost of morals and ethics, so be it. Paheli is my child and I will fight for her.

We are all headed for Kolkata on Monday, if all goes well, I’ll consider it my birthday gift, if not, I’ll make it my resolution, either ways I cannot afford to lose.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

So much has happened ...

So much has happened since the last time i wrote, i dont know where to begin! We spent a weekend at Kuhu' place, and discovered that Paheli can actually laugh, like laugh like a grown up, as you will note in the video in the post below :).

then B came for a quick visit as we realised that things are really not going to move by the month end followed by a visit to kolkata.

We did a 3 days out, paheli's real outing at delhi haat, it was great fun, including shankar getting lost on the roads to the haat and then shopping, eating momos and Paheli' first taste of Fanta !!!

Pashu gets upset every time she cant recognise him, i can understand but it cant be helped!

Kolkata turned out quite another fiasco, I am finally resorting to RTI and hoping something somewhere will work out. We got quite a scare when we were told it was a illegal case. It was a mad rush.
here is a gist
Bhuiyan wont move and we are stuck, period!
Am so down, nothing else comes to mind to pen.